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Consultants Corner

Levtion Network Solutions for Consultants and Specifiers

Get the support you need with Leviton’s nationwide team of field-experienced specification engineers. Instead of being product focused, the team is service and solution oriented. They’ll work with you from initial design idea to move-in, ensuring that your equipment will provide optimal performance in each installation. They’ll analyze for accuracy, functionality, and compliance with TIA, IEEE, ISO, CSI, and other important industry standards. If you need help explaining the merits of one technology choice over another to your customer, they can help with that too.


All spec team members hold BICSI’s Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD®) certification and are members of the Construction Specifications Institute. Simply put, they have the technical expertise, industry knowledge, design-build experience, and information to take your projects to the next level. Solutions for Every Industry Different companies have different networking priorities. Leviton’s specification experts can help ensure that the infrastructure you install is right for your organization’s unique requirements. Tech/Telecom Government & Military Health Care Education Hospitality Retail/Consumer Finance & Insurance Manufacturing Industrial Transportation Data Centers

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Berk-Tek offers a wide range of support through systems design engineers, testing labs, and a Tek Center for real world applications testing.

Technical Documents
Copper Solutions
Fiber Solutions (Including OneReach)
Applications Notes and Case Studies

Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies

Data Center Solutions

Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies manufactures high-bandwidth systems than can be deployed rapidly and support each data center’s architecture and equipment. Our high-density fiber systems reduce pathway fill and consolidate patching in racks and cabinets. Our copper systems suppress crosstalk while supporting short links in 10GbE networks. And online product configurations allow you to customize products for your data center’s unique needs.

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For all things Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies (BLT)

  • Solutions Data Sheets
  • Test Reports
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
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Emcor manufactures a wide range of enclosures from Datacom wall mount enclosures to free standing racks, data center cabinets, technical furniture for control / command centers, and custom solutions for metal enclosures and housings.


Emcor resources includes technical documents, product videos, white papers, and more.  Check out the resources link for complete details.

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Snake Tray

Snake Tray has an extensive resources page now with BIM for many of the products.  Snake Tray is used to support cable in pathways for a variety of voice, data, video, solar, power, and custom solutions.

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Hanwha / Samsung offers a diverse offering of tools and resources to make your job easier. From product selector, bandwidth and storage calculator, field of view, CAD support, A&E specifications, datasheets, firmware and more visit the Hanwha links for complete details and support.

Tools, Product Selector, Storage Calculator, Field of View, etc…
A&E Specification Doc’s, Datasheets, Firmware
Case Studies

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