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About The Tronex Group

Here’s what we’re working on
  • Enterprise Cabling

    Enterprise Cabling

    Cabling solutions for your network needs.

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  • Physical Security

    Physical Security

    Our area of expertise is the physical layer and physical security.

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  • Data Center

    Data Center

    Infrastructure planning, power and cooling solutions, data center infrastructure.

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Welcome to the Tronex Group, your home for Quality Communications & Security Solutions.


The Tronex Group was established in 1991 to give selective best-in-class manufacturers, an efficient way to manage sales, marketing, and training of their products, to the Florida Communications & Physical Security Markets. Simply put, we are the local presence for the companies we represent.


The Tronex Group provides pre-sales support, post-sales support, training, and design assistance to end users, the ACE community (architects, consultants, and Engineers), low voltage contractors, integrators, and distributors. We consider these groups are valued partners.


We work very closely with the end user community and our strategic, valued partners as a trusted advisor. Our area of expertise is the physical layer and physical security. All networks require an infrastructure to support the transport of voice, data, and video, but not all networks are created equally, not all environments are the same, and often times the physical layer is an afterthought given little consideration.


The Tronex Group has two Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff, and a systems engineer that specializes in data center and physical security environments. We help you to consider the best, most efficient and effective method to support your applications.


By understanding your business and your requirements, The Tronex Group carefully considers the right infrastructure to support your business needs based on the unique applications requirements, environmental factors, and capital considerations. We can even help you create a corporate infrastructure standards document to guide consulting engineers and installing contractors / integrators. This living document can be modified to best fit the intricacies of each project and used to enforce the corporate standard of product selection and workmanship.

Our Customers

The Tronex Group enjoys the honor of working with end users and startegic partners across all vertical markets from fortune 50 to fortune 500 companies, federal government to state and local government agencies, universities to K12, hospitality, theme parks, stadiums, colocation data centers, and so on. The experience we have gained throughout the years provides us with a complete understanding of the impact the infrastructure has on the network. This allows us to consider the entire network and mitigate issues before they become an issue saving the end user valuable time and money.

Our Approach

Through a holistic perspective of technology and the business drivers behind it, we help to educate, advise, and guide end users and our valued partners through the understanding, selection, and implementation of the infrastructure that supports the very technology they require.

Data Centers

Infrastructure planning, power and cooling solutions, data center infrastructure and management, perimeter protection, risk mitigation, asset protection.


Wired and wireless infrastructure planning, A/V applications, power distribution, infrastructure management, perimeter protection, risk mitigation, asset protection.

Physical Layer to Physical Security… we’ve got you covered

– The Tronex Group

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